A Volcanic Mud Bath

I had to travel back to Cartagena as it's a departure point for destinations further south. I enjoyed it more second time around as I was more relaxed and less paranoid everyone was out to mug me. I had not got chance to walk the wall of the old town so we did that in the afternoon. Then I bumped into one of the guys I'd met in Taganga so a few of us sat round playing cards and drinking beer. The hostel did a pretty good BBQ too.

Next day we visited a volcano. When we got there it was a tiny mound that looked man-made with a dodgy looking set of stairs up to the top. Then at the top you climb down another dodgy looking ladder into a pool of natural mud. It felt very strange and was really buoyant. It was hard to stay upright. We had a pretty good giggle before climbing out and starting the slippery descent back down a different set of dodgy looking steps! Then off to the lagoon to wash off, dodging old women with bowls that throw water at you and try to wash you for a small payment. They would not take no for an answer! 

That morning one of the guys I was sharing the room with went to shower without turning off his alarm which was in his locker. There was a Turkish guy also in the room who went totally mental! Swearing and banging things, then went looking for the guy who's alarm it was. We'd met the Turkish guy the night before and had all said he was weird. It was quite funny afterwards but he was really horrible for the rest of the stay there. 


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