Cartagena to Taganga - A Post About Food and Hammocks

My last evening in Cartagena I met an aussie girl in the dorm who was also travelling alone. We grabbed a beer in the bar. She had been travelling for nearly 2 years so had plenty of stories to tell. Some of which are not to be repeated! She also spoke really good Spanish so we headed out onto the busy streets of Cartagena in the evening and she explained to me what all the different foods where at each of the street stalls. We tried deep fried mashed potato that had a mince meat filling and an entire boiled egg. Then something that was ground sweetcorn and cheese wrapped in the corn leaves. This was followed by prawns and oysters in a tomato and lime sauce, served cold. They also have lots of fruits here I've never even seen! So of course I had to try a fresh fruit juice. The innards looked a bit like passionfruit and tasted a bit like mango. Yum!

The next day I got picked up for my transfer to Taganga. This took about 6 hours and I was starving by the time I got to the hostel. I sat down with a random group of people and spent the night chatting to them over a few beers and some really nice food. First day in Taganga did not consist of doing much. I spent the morning reading my book in a hammock on the terrace overlooking the bay. Then I went down to the beach with one of the women I met yesterday where we grabbed a lunch of fresh tuna and walked along the beach front. I'm coming to realise that you have to eat your food here before the flies do. And before the mosquitoes eat you! Spent the evening talking with more beers.

Second day in Taganga did not consist of doing much. I have booked my dive course for tomorrow though. Whoop and eek in equal parts! This day was much like yesterday. Hammock. Book. Beers. Food. There's not really a lot to do here.


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