After being grilled at the airport to a level where I feared I may be arrested, taking 3 hours to find my hostel, wandering the hallway in the middle of the night to find a toilet only to realise my room was en-suite and now having blisters so bad I can hardly walk...I am in Chicago! Well it wouldn't be an adventure without a few mishaps.

Day one consisted of a pleasant stroll down the waterfront to the city centre, where I realised (and this has happened to me before!) that my new Converse were not agreeing with my feet. So I spent the rest of the day with the backs folded down, feet in like some sort of weird slipper, socks on show like a German tourist. Not cool. I hobbled around Navy Pier which is pleasant but rather boring then up to the observatory at the John Hancock building. I'm a huge fan of finding viewpoints in each city I visit, but this was like nothing else. The view was spectacular, the emerald green Lake Michigan and looking down over 'smaller' skyscrapers was mesmerising.

The day concluded with free hotdogs at the hostel. Win!

One thing I'm very good at is attracting weirdos. I thought I'd get a few days before this started, but no, today was the day. Weirdo one was at breakfast, complimenting me on my shoes whilst stood in the toast line. This followed by an in depth discussion of how many times needed to fully toast your toast through the conveyor machine and which side is best to put through first.

First port of call was the International Museum of Surgical Science. This was pretty interesting actually. One thing that really stuck with me though is they had foetal specimens at different stages of growth.I joined the free walking tour at the First United Methodist Church, which is actually the highest place of worship in the world. The tour was pretty interesting and told some of the history of the building, took us up to the sky chapel, around some of the home of the current minister and out onto his balcony. In the evening I went up the top of the Willis Tower. This was by far one of the best things I've ever done. The view of the city lit up at night was amazing. You can see 4 states and a distance of 60 miles. There's also the glass floored viewing balcony.

Last day in Chicago was spent in the Art Institute. So much to see! Followed by a lunch of Thai curry then the cinema. I could probably do this anywhere but I don't care, no guilt here. 

I seemed to get told off of some sort each day I've been here and my 20 hour trip from Chicago to Cartagena in Colombia has been no different. Although to be fair I didn't realise my name was being called over the tannoy because it sounds different in Spanish! 'Heynaca'. Then at immigration the woman muttered something about needing a tourist visa then got annoyed when I gave my flight number, insisting it was wrong even when I showed her my flight itinerary. Stop over in Bogota waiting for connecting flight. Still a few more hours for things to get worse, as I'm sure they will.


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