Learning to Dive in Taganga

Taganga is one of the cheapest places to learn to dive so I booked to do a PADI Open Water Course. I didn't enjoy it very much in Thailand when I did a try dive so I was really nervous about doing the 3 day course. Normally you do it in classes of 4 people but I was the only one starting today so I got my own personal instructor! For the first dive, we got on a boat and sailed around to a small secluded beach where the dive school has a large wooden beach cabana up on the rock. Getting used to the regulator and going underwater the first few times was terrifying. I had to do a few exercises, such as clearing my mask and getting water out of the breathing regulator. Then we did the first proper dive. It was absolutely amazing! Afterward we had lunch in the cabana. The Colombians like to mix sweet and savoury and one of the things they had for us to try was a slice of sugary strawberry sweet with a slice of cheese. It was strange but I actually grew to enjoy them by the end of the course. Then we did a second dive in the afternoon. Most of the 3 days were the same so I won't bore you with the details. We saw some amazing sealife: an octopus, lobster, flounder, moray eels (one of these were huge!!), huge fish and big schools of fish. The instructor picked up a tiny shell and put it on my hand and there was a crab thing inside that kept popping it's head out. Another was a bit spider like but amazing colours and big spangly legs. I can't describe everything that we saw but it was mind blowing. And I passed the course, yay!

After I finished the course I booked the boat to Tayrona to meet some guys I had got chatting to in my dorm the night before. Then went out for a few drinks with a girl I met at the dive centre.


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