Guatapé - Scenery, Stairs, Rain and Salsa

So we accidentally booked the tour of Guatapé in Spanish. It mostly didn't matter apart from not knowing what time we had to be back at the coach, where the coach would be etc! The first stop was in the town where there was a tall rock that had a building attached to it that was a church. We have no idea what or why so we kind of just wandered around, got an ice cream and took silly photos on a child's ride. Very adult. Next stop was the reason people go to Guatapé. Apparently there was an earthquake and all the land crumbled down apart from one tall piece, of which now has a man-made staircase going to the top. 750 steps. 

The view from the top was unreal and I don't think I've seen many things as beautiful. Lots of turquoise lakes and small houses dotted around the forested green hills. After lunch was a 1 hour boat ride. It rained. It rained a lot! But this doesn't stop the Colombians as I got dragged up to dance! Very embarrassing! People salsa dance here all the time, so on this boat, flooded with water, were couples up dancing, their feet splashing about in the puddles. It was surreal. 


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