Quite Possibly the Best Day Ever!

I met everyone at breakfast and it's a really nice group of people. One of the girls needed to head to the shopping mall so 3 of us headed over - I went as I have hardly any clothes and those I do have really need a wash. We were leaving at midday but when we got to the shops at 9.30 the shops didn't open till 11! Waste of time. Anyway blah blah, we got to the hotel in the evening and went to watch sunset, followed by a visit to a fish restaurant. Free pisco sour, whoop! Meal was good and then we all went to a bar for a few drinks. Back at the hotel at 12pm and most of the group jumped in the pool. Not enough pisco sours to make me get in cold water. Bed. 

Early start this morning as we were doing an island tour which is dubbed the Galapogos of Peru. Sound familiar? I had haunting memories of being stranded and seasick. All was good, we made it there this time! We saw pelicans, sea lions, spider crabs and humbolt penguins which are small, about the size of a meerkat maybe. I got shat on by a bird. 

We drove to a farm where they make pisco and had a tour of how they make it. Then we got to try some. 6 shots of the stuff! Different types, one the traditional pisco used in pisco sours, 2 really strong ones, about 40+ percent alcohol. One wine, one cherry wine then a creamy one made with figs. I definitely felt a bit squiffy. Then for the activity I'd been most excited about. Sand boarding! Definitely in South America when you throw yourself over a hill after 6 shots of alcohol as part of an organised tour. We went out in dune buggies first. I'd not thought much of this but it was by far the best thing I've ever done! 11 people to a buggy, they strap you in via a harness. Then they zoom off up huge sand dunes, hover on the edge, then drop down a vertical drop. My bum was hardly in my seat. I have bruises all over my arms and nearly threw my phone numerous times whilst trying to take a photo. So worth it. It was like a real life roller coaster, if that makes sense. I know roller coasters are real life roller coasters but I mean real life situation roller coaster. Or something to that effect. I would also liken it to Colombian driving, only safer as you have a seat belt and spend less time flying out of your seat. 

We also sand boarded. I really wanted to stand up but when we got to the top and looked down I turned chicken. They took us to a smaller dune first. You lay on the board on your front and hold on, feet apart to slow you down. Eeeeek! That was just the small slope. Second one was terrifying. Third one, holy shit! I actually ripped my pants, I went that fast that the sand not only burned half my legs but destroyed my leggings. At the end we had food, an amazing fillet mignon with creamy mushroom sauce. Then a dip in the pool and some silly games. Now on to the famous town of Nazca. 


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