Quito to Lima

The journey to Quito from Banos was pretty uneventful. When we arrived at the bus terminal I tried to buy my ticket to Lima but apparently I had to go to another station to buy it, even though it leaves from the station we were at. Fine. We got public transport into Quito centre which took ages but costs 25 cents. Dropping our bags off at the hostel we set off on the 35 minute walk to the other bus terminal. When we got there it had just closed. I was beginning to get a bit stressed as it didn't seem there were any buses down to Lima and my organised tour started in a few days. Back at the hostel I tried to book it online but the payment failed. Eek. 

Next day we caught a taxi straight to the bus terminal to get this bloody ticket sorted. It was Sunday. Closed. I'd just have to wing it on Monday and hope it wasn't fully booked. We headed to the craft market which was actually pretty good, not the usual tourist crap. After we went to a vivarium (reptile centre) and walked around the botanical gardens, then got an ice cream and wandered around the park. More food at a really good pizza place then back to the hostel. The two guys that I'd traveled the past few days with had been travelling together for the past year and one of them was leaving in the morning. I left them to have a few beers together and sat in the foyer reading.
So today it was just the two of us and we went to the top of Quito's main cathedral for views over the city. It was amazing. There was a small wooden bridge that led over to one of the spires and you could also look down over the church interior. After we went to the TeleferiQo which is a cable car that goes to 4100 metres over the city. Wow. Weirdly the entrance was about half way up the mountain already. I was glad we had got a taxi up most of it. There was a small amusement park at the bottom that was totally deserted and playing creepy fairground music. It was so eerie! We walked around for a bit squealing at how much like a horror film it felt like. 

Then more food at another Mexican place where I ate my own body weight in guacamole. I was catching the night bus to Guayaquil so we just sat in the hostel waiting for the time to tick by. Then I squashed myself onto a local bus and had a very uncomfortable ride to the bus terminal. I don't know what it is about me but a security guard came over and started blabbering on at me in Spanish. Again he continued when I said I didn't understand and looked blank. Then agreed I was at the right stop for my bus and left me alone. Oreos have become my comfort food so I bought myself a pack for the journey and ate them before I'd even boarded. A cold and sleepless 7 hour journey to Quito. 

Arriving at the bus terminal at 5am I headed to buy my onward ticket to Lima. All the other ticket offices had opened apart from the one I needed. Stress. I sat there for 3 hours and it still hadn't opened. Oh shit. I went for a coffee, came back an hour later. Still closed. The security guard said it opened at 10 so I sat watching the clock tick by. At 10am I managed to buy a ticket! Phew. They took my bag there and then though and I hadn't had chance to take out anything I'd need like toothbrush, change of clothes or something warm to put on. Earlier the water hadn't been working in the toilets so I couldn't even wash my face or brush my teeth. At 2pm I boarded the 28 hour bus to Lima, Peru. It was actually pretty comfortable and I got the front upstairs seat. Panoramic views all the way!
We got food and movies and a duvet! I didn't want to leave. The Spanish woman next to me kept talking to me in Spanish, obviously, because 'yo no hablo espanol' is clearly not Spanish for 'I don't speak Spanish' but some alien speak that makes no sense to Spanish people. She did however wake me up to tell me I could put my seat down further. Thanks. But also again when we were getting off for our passport stamps, a break and to offer me one of her chocolates. The landscape of Peru is beautiful and we drove along the coast. Sand dunes, sunset and sea. I arrived in Lima looking and smelling like a hobo and actually not wanting to get off the bus as being fed and sleeping is a pretty great lifestyle. Taxi to the hotel was easier than expected but the group had already gone to dinner by the time I arrived. I didn't care, shower then supermarket for an empanada and a chocolate brownie, read my book in bed then sleep. 


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