Diving Sunken WWII Ships in Coron

Coron is an island known for many sunken Japanese ships from WWII that you can dive and snorkel. We booked to go diving as the price was pretty good, about £40 for 3 dives including lunch. The first boat we saw was the Olympia, a freighter that was 112 metres long and sits upright 30 metres below water. At first I didn't even realise it was the ship, the sides of it covered in coral and fish. Going inside was eerie as we entered the dark hole and navigated through with our torches. We swam through a room and up through a small hole into a larger room full of swirling fish. Then up and around and out the side. There were so many fish and the dive was just incredible. Holding on to the dive line there were so many jellyfish. I have recurring nightmares about jellyfish, I'm terrified of them. But actually being so close to them was really beautiful. They seemed to be all different shapes. One came right near my face, it was a bell shape with squares running down the side in lines which illuminated with colour, something I've only seen before in documentaries. After an amazing lunch of grilled tuna, pork stew, rice and vegetables we got back in for our second dive. This time a smaller boat called Morazan which was used as an auxiliary supply ship. This one was easier to make out the shape and you could see the mast poles which were surrounded by fish. We attempted to go inside this one but the three of us all had trouble with our ears. I'd tried to force clear mine on the previous dive and when I tried to go down was getting really bad pain. The two guys couldn't go further down either so I was relieved it wasn't just me. We went inside via a more shallow entrance. I wish I could explain what the dive felt like and how the light shone in through the holes but I can't. We didn't do the last dive because of ear problems but the two dives that we did were incredible and a truly memorable experience.

Afterwards we headed to a bar that played live drum music and chatted to some other backpackers.


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