Island Hopping In Our Own Private Boat

Staying at Coron Backpackers was an experience worth describing. Firstly the location is down a sort of back corridor made of bamboo that creaks and strains under your feet, raised above the litter strewn sludge below. The house itself is made of bamboo and may as well just be a bed outside. The festival-toilet smell of outside fills the dingy bedroom as does the noise of everything outside and inside. I'm probably one of the heaviest sleepers to ever exist, yet even I couldn't block out the constant noise of cats fighting, dogs barking, cockerels cock-a-doodling, kids screaming. loud English love-songs playing from mobile phones, the man next door coughing and farting. It sounded like it was all happening inside the room. Not to mention the resident rat that lived in the kitchen bin, ready to jump out at you when you deposited your rubbish, or the cockroaches running the walls of the toilet at night. Despite all this, I loved it here. The owners were friendly and I was with a good group of people.

Today the guys decided to hire mopeds to get around the island. Having never ridden one before I decided to jump on the back of one of them. It was a short journey for me as after we had fuelled up and pulled away across the busy road, the front of the bike came up and I didn't yet have hold properly. Straight off the back I went. Luckily I was unhurt apart from a scraped hand but I was shaking a bit. I went back to the hostel. Here I bumped into one of the girls that had been in my room in Manila. We decided to take a walk through town and then up to the lookout point. Back at the hostel there were a few of us wanting to do the island hopping tour so we decided to hire our own boat with captain instead of joining one of the busy touristy tours. It was a pretty decent price at about £16 per person for 5 people including lunch and entrance fees.

We set off at 8am in the morning and first stop was Kayangan Lake. This is a lake within the sea. The boat moored in a beautiful cove surrounded by limestone cliffs and we climbed the steps to the top. It was a hot day and seeing the clear turquoise water of the lake shimmering in the sun was heaven. Straight in we all went, the warm water felt amazing. We spent about an hour and a half there lazily swimming around and then sitting on a rock in the middle talking After a whileit got busy with hoards of tourists and we decided to hit the other spots before everyone else so we could enjoy the tranquillity. Next stop was Coral Garden, a shallow coral covered section in the middle of the sea where we did more swimming and snorkelled through the reef. Then we headed to a beautiful white sand beach dotted with a few straw huts for lunch. We stayed here for quite a while enjoying the sun and scenery before finishing off at Sunset Beach where we, coincidentally, watched the sunset. Back on Coron we went for dinner at a small (2 tables!) Korean restaurant and then over to the bar where I got chatting to two girls from Manchester that are on the same flight to Hanoi as me!


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