Malapascua - Friends, Sharks and Cocktails!

After sleeping a shocking number of hours, I set off to explore. I got some freshly baked bread and a cookie from the bakery and went to sit on the beach watching the local kids catch crabs. I spent the rest of the morning walking around and enjoying the heat and the sea before packing up my stuff and heading to the beach resort where I was meeting my friends. I sat reading until they arrived. We had a welcome drink at the hotel and sat on beanbags catching up.

Next day two of us went diving. The dive sites were okay but it was nice just to be in the water. The waves were really bad today and we had to be quick getting in and going under. We spent the rest of the evening on giant beach chairs eating nice food and ordering cocktails. Up at 5.30am for more diving, this time to go to Monad Shoal to see thresher sharks. I was a bit nervous as I was also doing my deep dive certificate and the effects can be similar to when you are drunk. It was fine though, I didn't feel any effects from it. We sat at the bottom waiting but disappointingly saw nothing. Back on the boat some people had seen 9 sharks! The worst thing was that they were practically sat next to us underneath. There was a really funny Swedish guy with purple painted toenails who took a shine to having a joke with me. He continued to rub it in that we had not seen any sharks. We were determined to see some so next morning got up earlier and set out. As soon as we hit the bottom one swam right past us, it was about 2 metres and came pretty close. It turned towards us and my heart leapt into my throat. After that we saw a few bigger ones shimmering in the distance. I was on top of the world. Whilst waiting to come back up the instructor dropped a rock down a hole. A few minutes later the rock came rolling out, pushed up by a large mantis shrimp.

Malapascua is a beautiful relaxing island. Most evenings we sat on the beach listening to the gentle waves under the glow of the lanterns scattered about the trees.


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