Hue and Jenga

I rolled out of bed and into some clothes at 4am and headed downstairs to meet the girls. Trying to find the ticket office in the dark was hard as everything looked the same. We eventually spotted the guy that sold us the tickets huddled outside with half closed eyes, smoking a cigarette. He was even more aggressive this morning and we really were not in the mood. One of the girls asked him a question about the ticket and he went berserk saying he wasn't trying to rip us off. What the hell! Another couple turned up and he had a bit of an argument with them because they wouldn't tell him how much they paid for their ticket elsewhere. Finally he left us alone to sit outside and wait for the bus. It didn't arrive till after 5, unsurprisingly, and we scrambled to get on and secure a seat. I was so tired I slept most of the way there, even through the constant horn beeping and loud music playing. Who knew the Vietnamese loved Aqua so much!

After battling my way out of the swarm of tuk tuk drivers at the bus doors I grabbed my bag and found the girls and we headed for a coffee and some breakfast. For some reason the cafe only sold burgers as a breakfast choice so we skipped that, drank our coffee and walked along the waterfront to our accommodation. The girls were in a hotel but I'd opted for a cheap cheap hostel at about £3 a night. I think I just liked the name, Golden Chicken. It was actually decent for the price and they let me check in early and use the shower. The girls had messaged and we agreed to meet at a cafe in between. I set off on the 15 minute walk, following the map on my phone. I could not find the place! I asked and a lady pointed me to the cafe shop next door with a totally different name. I repeated and she kept saying yes. Thinking it might have changed name I checked inside but no one there. After walking around in the heat for nearly an hour I finally found the place about half a mile from where the map said. As I got close the girls were crossing the road to the entrance too. They couldn't find it either! We were all starving by this point and ordered so much food. Vietnamese spring rolls with satay sauce followed by beef noodle soup - and of course 2 coffees.

After our feast we carried our full bellies down to the old citadel. The weather was so nice that we just sat on the wall outside enjoying the sun and the surroundings. I decided to go inside and have a wander around the crumbly remaining buildings. Later the eating continued. We went to a local BBQ street eatery and ordered ribs for £1.30 and repeatedly said how delicious they were between each bite. We went to find a bar but everywhere was stuffed full of Westerners. We passed a daunting looking street place that had only local men sat outside. We braved it and lowered our bottoms onto the tiny stools. I ordered my 4th coffee of the day, the girls had beers. A woman came carrying a bamboo basket of food. The group next to us ordered some and because we were looking over, passed the plate for us to try! We ordered a plate of our own. They were dumplings with different fillings like minced pork, shrimp and quail egg. The woman tried to rip us off by changing the price afterward but the shop owner started shouting at her. I was quite surprised that he was on our side. We stayed there for a while as the people turned out to be really friendly. I was quite tired so headed back to my hostel earlyish.

Next day, with not much to do in the city, I headed over to another backpacker hostel to use their computers and catch up with my blog. I sat there most of the day writing and feeding my coffee habit. About 6pm the girls came to meet me and we ordered a beer. It was only meant to be for an hour, but then the Jenga came out. Then the free shots came out. The bar tender took a shine to one of the girls and kept bringing trays of free shots over. Then he brought 2 guys over to sit with us. Jenga got serious! One of the guys said I had to kiss him if I lost. I've never put so much concentration into something! He lost so had to kiss the other guy. Ha, unlucky! Then the illuminous pens came out and suddenly everyone had a fluorescent penis drawn on their face, arms, legs. We stayed till we got kicked out at closing time.


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