Caves, Beaches and Mojitos in Mexico

After a month spent at home, it was time for my flight to Cental America. When I turned up at the airport and got to the check in desk, the lady said there was a problem with my booking and left the desk. After 5-10 minutes of waiting and getting stressed out, she came back and said it was all fine. Strange. I checked in and boarded the flight. I got into Cancun in the evening and caught my prebooked shuttle. The driver asked me in Spanish for directions to the hostel! I shrugged and hoped for the best. At the hostel there was another problem! They had overbooked my room. I got 'upgraded' to a female dorm where my bed was sort of in the corridor. I was so tired I didn't care. I got into bed and fell asleep.

Next morning I sat outside by the pool having breakfast and reading my book. I am totally a magnet for all those that are weird. A guy working at the hostel starts talking to me, then invites me to the beach with 'some people from the hostel' and then starts saying sleazy things. It becomes apparent it's with some other sleazy guys that work at the hostel. I made my excuses and left. Whilst walking through reception and up the stairs to my dorm, I overhear some people talking about their travel plans, which were similar to mine. I stopped and thought about whether to go back down and talk to them. I did, although probably seemed like a weirdo in the process. I managed to invite myself to the beach with them that day.

We waited in a long line in the sun to catch the boat to Isla Mujeres. The colour of the water took my breath away when I happened to look up from my book and out of the window during the boat ride over. We spent the day at the beach, which was incredibly beautiful. Swimming in warm crystal clear water looking back at the white sand beach. We had lunch at a nearby restaurant. The seats around the bar were swing benches attached to the roof by long ropes. There were hammocks to lie in if we'd wanted. We sat at a table and ordered burritos and beer. After lunch a thunder storm came and the rain poured down. I sat under the sun umbrella getting wet whilst the others went into the sea. The rain lasted around 20 minutes before the sun came back out and dried everything. That evening at the hostel we I got dragged into playing a team drinking game. It was flip cup but before you downed your drink you had to put on a sombrero, spin around 5 times, do 5 squats, 5 star jumps and then flip your cup over. We lost. Then we went out to a bar in town.

The next afternoon two of us caught the bus to Tulum. We just managed to buy a ticket, grab an ice cream and hop on the bus before it left. We didn't do much in the evening, just walked down the main street in town, had some dinner and chilled in the hostel before having an early night.

In the morning we caught a taxi to the Tulum Ruins. It was a hot day and we wandered with false interest through the ruins before one of us suggested the beach and the other quickly agreed. Sun, sand, sea, book, mojito and burritos - making the most of Mexico! Our second day in Tulum was spent visiting the caves of Dos Ojos, which is a cenote - basically a cave filled with water. When we arrived at the 'entrance' it was still a 3km walk to the entrance. There we no taxis so we reluctantly started walking down the unshaded desert-esque road, glancing at passing vehicles with puppy dog eyes. We got most of the way when a taxi picked us up and took us the rest of the way, overcharging us in the process. After the traumatic walk in the baking sun, we donned our snorkels and jumped into the bright blue icy water. It was amazing seeing the stalactites and stalagmites, small fish swimming about and the distant lights of divers giving an eerie glow down in the depths of the cave. We paddled about in the small first cave and spent a while swimming the narrow length of the long second cave. It was an incredible experience. We spent the afternoon back at the beach and the evening in a nearby pizza place hiding from the pouring rain.


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