How To Brew The Perfect Cup of Loose Leaf Tea

1. Boil the kettle using freshly poured water. Water that has been reboiled looses oxygen, which is key for brewing the tea.

2. Use 2g of tea per cup. That's around 1 generous teaspoon.

There are several instruments you can use to steep your tea.
a. A tea infuser - this is a stainless steel ball that can have a handle or chain attached. It works similar to a teabag in that it sits in the cup.
b. A teapot - you can use a teapot that has an infuser inside, which usually looks like a mesh basket. Place the tea inside the basket.
c. A cup infuser - these are small mesh baskets that sit inside the cup and hold the tea. You can remove once steeped.
d. A cafetiere - usually for coffee, a cafetiere is also well suited for loose leaf tea.
e. A strainer - put the tea directly into a teapot or another cup. Use the strainer to catch any loose tea when transferring to the cup you'll be drinking from. You could also use a household sieve that has a fine mesh!

3. Using any of the above methods, let the tea steep for the required time. This could be anything from 3 to 10 minutes. Each tea will give you a recommended brewing time.

4.Once the time is up either remove the ball/basket infuser, or pour from your teapot/cafetiere into you mug.

5. Relax and enjoy!