How To Brew The Perfect Coffee Using a Cafetière

1. Boil the kettle using freshly poured water. Water that has been reboiled looses oxygen, which is key for percolating the coffee.

2. Let the boiled water cool for a few minutes. Pouring boiling water over the coffee will burn it, giving a bitter taste.

3. Use 7g of coffee per cup. That's around 3 generous teaspoons. Place the required amount into your cafetière (also known as a French press or carafe).

4. Slowly pour the slightly cooled water into the cafetière. A good tip is to pour the water over the back of the spoon to avoid direct contact with the grounds. Use slightly more water than a cupful as the grounds will soak up some of the water.

5. Stir the coffee and water, or pour using a circular motion to evenly cover the grounds. Place the top on the cafetière - but don't plunge. Leave to infuse for around 3-5 minutes. All of our coffee will come with a recommended time to brew.

6. After the recommended time, plunge down slowly.

7. Pour into a cup straight away. Add milk if desired.

8. Now for the most important step - enjoy!